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Assorted LotR-friendly files

Orange mentioned how utterly tacky the lovebed is, and I said I'd supply some more tasteful ones I'd downloaded; thought I'd go one better and offer some of the more helpful files I've scrounged up from around the Web. I really hope these work; if anyone has problems with them, please let me know. I've never done this before, and I may not be providing all the files that you need. I'd point you to the sites I got them from if I could remember where, and if there are problems, I'll try to hunt them up again.

Anyhoo, I've put them all in this directory. Everything with a ZIP extension is a Sims file; the rest are just the pics I've posted here. Just unzip them and put the IFF files in the downloads directory of Sims (if that doesn't work, try the gamedata/objects directory, but downloads should do it.

Assuming I've got the right files here, there should be:
  • CaroMR4posterlovebed.zip: A lovebed that's a rose-and-white four poster.
  • KCupOfTea.zip: Acts like the coffee or cappuccino machine in the game, but looks like a tea set.
  • S4FInvisibleSmokeAlarm.zip: Looks like you haven't got an alarm, but still calls the fire dept.
  • S4FLordoftheRings.zip: A wall-hanging I bet not even Orange's finicky gay hobbits will object to. -G-
  • nts_zzz_blkpurpleluvbed_ll.zip: A black lovebed with purple sheets. Modern-looking, but helluva lot better than the game version.
  • nts_zzz_blusilverluvbed_ll.zip: A silver lovebed with blue sheets; ditto.
  • nts_zzz_walnutcandleabra_ll.zip: Candleabra that hangs on the wall; provides light in lieu of lamps.
  • o3firehex.zip: Fire alarm that looks like a wall-hanging. Bit large and tacky, but not modern, and no problems with not knowing where it is or if you've put one in, as with the invisible one.
  • o3runicalarm.zip: A burglar alarm that looks like a stone rune.
  • o3scryingpool.zip: Think Galadriel's Mirror for looks; it acts as a TV.
  • tsg_waterpipe01.zip: Not sure what they cloned this from! Big water pipe; they can "admire" it (sit by it and giggle by themselves) or "discuss" it (sit and giggle in a group).

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a large assortment of flowers, potted plants, vegetables, shrubs, rocks, water plants, etc., I made a wallpaper to look like the inside of Bag End's walls and another wallpaper that looks like grass, and I have a good number of candles, candleabra, tapestries, wooden and stone furniture, etc. If there's something you're looking for for your LotR sims, let me know; I may have seen it around! (I even just found an assortment of waterfall shower, wall, sink, etc. -- Henneth Annun, anyone?)
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