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The saga continues.

Got Sam to visit Rosie tonight. She tried to dip him (either for dancing or a kiss, I'm not sure), and he was Not Pleased; she lost her little heart-symbol for him and about fifteen friendship points. And this is after "Propose" was already on her menu for him! And later on -- and I've never seen this happen before -- she told a joke he didn't like. They both lost friendship points on almost everything they did after that. Sam then got hungry, and Rosie couldn't cook fast enough to keep him from leaving.

Went to play Bag End, got her to visit, they talked a bit more. Now they're friends again, finally. He even has a smiley-symbol for her, which he didn't before. Then Frodo and Sam kissed in the hallway. -sigh- Rosie came running out of the kitchen and slapped Frodo.

Then she left. His scores for her are just as high, but he lost the smiley-symbol, so I guess she's no longer a friend. And I'm not sure if it's connected or not, but Frodo wouldn't "play in bed" that night -- Sam had to start it. (Though at least the interaction afterwards was Sam cheering Frodo up, rather than Frodo booing or slapping him, as in the past!)

I don't know, I swear I've heard from people that Sims can fall in love with more than one person at once, but it certainly doesn't look likely here!
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