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Okay, so I've had no success with the downloading of simskins from sites on the web. The files are all formatted for the PC, and I'm on a Mac. Stupid Orcs. So I don't have hobbitslash to show you, just Manslash. But it's lovely Aragorn/Faramir, which is a favorite of mine (never liked Boromir, myself.) I just used the "robin hood" body and a nice light blond head for Faramir, and a gratuitous lots-of-skin "gladiator" for Aragorn. Over the top & out of character, I know. But It's MY sim, and I wanna see Manflesh! I gave them a swimming pool right away, so I could see them in swimsuits a lot. I'm such a perv. Here's their first hug (That's the pink LoveBed from Lorelei!):

And then they fall in Love, and have their first really hot kiss (note the hand on the butt):

I tried as much as possible to make their personalities match the bookverse. And whaddaya know? They really like each other. Aragorn is a Sportsguy, and comes home tired and sweaty all the time, and Faramir is a Nurse who loves to cook and is neat enough to keep the place pretty tidy. Aragorn tries to do his fair share in the cleaning up, to keep Faramir happy and puttin' out! But for the longest time, it was just hugging and kissing. Couldn't get them to put "play in bed" on either of their menus! Then I figured it out. Faramir wasn't sending the signals that he was ready, and Aragorn was too much a gentleman to push him. After all , they both have really high scores in the "Nice" dept. So I let them build their "relationship" a lot more. Swim together a lot, dance a lot, watch tv together a lot, read together a lot...Awwww!

Finally, after keeping their "lovescore" for each other up at 99 or 100 for about two weeks, I had them blow off work for the day, eat a hearty breakfast, each take showers, and try the "vibrate" option on the bed a couple of times. Then, I had Faramir light a fire in the fireplace. (That's the glow on the right side of the carpet.) Bingo! "Play in Bed!"

They make the cutest noises in bed! one barks and the other howls, and then they giggle for a while. Giggling seems to be their favorite activity in bed, and involves the most cover-wiggling. Never had any Booing or anger from either of the boys after sex. But Faramir needed to be comforted after the third time, when he had a picture of himself with a big red X through it afterwards; I suspect some sort of erectile dysfunction was the culprit. Anyway, I had Aragorn hug and kiss him until he felt much better, and then Faramir wanted to Play in Bed again. Wheeee! Now all I have to do to get them to play in bed is have them light a fire! Such Pavlovian creatures men are!

Faramir needs to develop some more friendships to advance his career, so I've put another couple in the neighborhood: Arwen and Eowyn Evenstar. We'll see how this plays out. Tee hee hee!
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