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The story so far...

Brief note of explanation first: if you haven't played a lot before, what happens when you open a house is that any friendships/hatreds/loves change according to what's happened in other houses you've played (and saved) since last time, but whoever was there and whatever they were doing is exactly the same. One time, I'd like to get two folks in a clinch, go to the other's house, make 'em hate each other, then return to the clinch. -snicker- Anyway, you get the idea.

Okay, so. Rosie was all pissed off at Frodo for having kissed Sam, whom she was in love with. So I closed that house and went back to Rosie's. Frodo was over; turns out, her friendship score for him had dropped about thirty points! So I had them talk, joke, talk some more, dance, hug, flirt, etc.

Then he fell in love with her -- but she was in love with Sam again!

So, off I went back to Bag End. Call Rosie to come and visit. She comes bearing chocolates! Hee! Never seen that before -- must be a girl thing. Rosie, meet Sam. Talk with Sam. Hug Sam. Get a back rub from Sam. Get slapped by Frodo, who cries over the two of you, falls out of love with you, and has his friendship score for you drop fifty points. I didn't save that game.

Back to Bag End again... Rosie, meet Sam. Flirt with Sam outside, while Frodo's inside having a nice talk with Aragorn.

Talk with Sam, hug Sam, talk some more. Then go inside and talk to Frodo. No, Sam, you stay outside and paint like a good hobbit. Rosie, hug Frodo. Dance with Frodo, talk with Frodo ... fall in love with Frodo! Yay! Oh, go play in bed. No, Sam, keep painting.

Now, the test -- if he's not in the house when it happens, will he know the difference? Frodo, go outside while Rosie's admiring the pipe. Hi, Sam! Aww, they still love each other! Yes, yes, hugs and kisses. Okay, now Frodo -- your turn to paint.

Sam, meet Rosie. You already like her, right? Talk a bit more. Flirt some. See how easy it is to fall in love? Hey, why not propose?

"Sorry," she says, "that's not a decision I can make on an empty stomach." -blink- Ooookay... Sam, go cook for her. Okay, now ask again. Hm. Apparently, she wasn't done eating. Fine. Eat, talk... oh, you don't like her as much now she's turned you down, do you? Dance a bit, you'll like her more. Tell her a joke. Give her a gift. Love her again? Good. So propose already.

Yay! She accepted! Aren't they a cute couple?

She then kissed him, they danced and hugged and laughed a bit and she gave him a gift -- all spontaneously. Glad y'all are so happy. Now that you're a member of the household, Rosie, I can order you around. Go take a bath. Sam, go outside and talk to Frodo.

And they're still in love! Yay! Everyone loves everybody, isn't that great? Apparently only two characters can actually be married, 'cause I'm not getting "propose" on Frodo's menu, but that's fine. They were getting tired -- hey, it's been a busy day! -- so Frodo went to bed; I put Rosie in bed and had Sam play in bed with her, then left them to their own devices just to see. Sam got out of bed after and went to sleep with Frodo. Guess we know where his heart really is! -g- Of course, Frodo was dreaming of Rosie...

But so far, everyone's still in love and all is well. Haven't yet tried two of them being affectionate while the other is in the room; I'll go for that next. And I wonder if anyone's made a three-sim-sized bed?

The only bad spot so far is Bilbo. Bag End started as Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam. Well, Rosie doesn't much like Bilbo -- my fault, as I had him call to invite her over without realising it was the middle of the night. I think her score on him is -2, which is up from -8. Then the poor guy, no doubt feeling neglected with all the love floating around, tried spontaneously to rub Rosie's back, and Frodo slapped him and now has a negative score for him, too. -sigh- I may have to have him make a few more friends some time soon. Or maybe I'll make an Elven household and he can run off to live with them.

Anyhoo, that's where I left them last. Mom thinks it's warped. I say they're called "god games" for a reason. And it's still all Orange's fault!
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