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mind over chatter

Again with the introductions.

Just wanted to let you all know who I am and what I'm up to before I start posting on the main board. My name's Tobias Charity, and I'm a (female) West Wing, Law & Order (and spinoffs), and LotR fanfiction author. Currently the majority of my Sims are embroiled in soap-opera-like relationships, and ignoring the bounds of fandoms and decency. ;)

In the Law & Order verse: Lot one is Jack, Claire, and Mike, with Mike sometimes shuttling back and forth between Ben Stone's house, and his own. >< Oy vey. Lot two is Munch and Lennie, and they're currently snarking and no longer in love. Talk to Lennie, Munch, there ya go...and Ed Green and Odafin Tutuola are sharing a house with Elliot and Olivia, with Goren sleeping over when he feels like it. It really is a soap opera.

West Wing: Everybody's sleeping with everybody. Least complicated version there is. ;)

LoTR: Sam and Frodo have moved in with Merry and Pippen, and Legolas and Aragorn are hanging out with Arwen and Eowyn. Sheesh.

There are a few more random fandoms (Quantum Leap and MASH, anyone?) but these are the ones I dabble in the most.

Hee. I love playing God.
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