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newbie says hello

Hi, I'm sidewinder, and I'm a new Simsaholic.

It's frightening how the game can take over your life! Anyway, I've been having a grand old time building a slashy neighborhood for all of my favorite fannish and celeb characters. So far I've got Lionel and Lex Luthor set up in the mansion, The Host has a swingin' karaoke bar/nightclub, there's a happy lesbian house with Tara, Willow, and Sara Pezzini, Jackie Chan and Jet Li are roomies at the Kung Fu Academy, and Owen Wilson and Mulder are roommates--don't ask me why, just wanted to see what would happen. Actually they've been the most fun to play with so far: Owen started making moves on Mulder right away but Mulder needed some prodding to get in the mood (much hot tub play and one date downtown). But then they threw a party and Owen and Jackie started hitting it off immediately (of course!) Mulder was very jealous and slapped Jackie around.

Lionel is a nasty bastard (of course) but also apparently a party animal. He stayed in the hot tub at the party until 4am with one of the NPC's from the neighborhood and got pissed at the Host another night when the Host finally kicked him off the dancefloor. He also insulted and slapped Tara around for no good reason. None of the lesbians get along with any of the men, but oddly enough Willow fell for Sara first. Tara is the only character who waters the flowers on her own.

Anyway, evil fun. Will be adding a Zeke Stone soon as I build him a shabby enough little house, then I think I need to make a devil to torture him and keep him from sleeping. Probably will add some more Hong Kong film stars as well.

Eeeeeeeevil game...
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