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Are we on?

Okay, so these aren't terribly slashy, but they do show Kurt's swim mesh in action, and the cross-fandom weirdness was just too cute.

Cowley, Kurt, and Aragorn have a little swim at Kurt and Logan's place.

Later, they all visit the Useless family, where Kurt, Darth Maul, and Bilbo (in his bathing suit) gather around the pipe.

Which apparently gives them the munchies, because they then head straight for dinner.

While cooking, one of the Sims started a fire. As they tried to control it, one died. The grim reaper showed up for him, but another Sim pleaded for his life, so they (the pleading Sim and the reaper) played rock-paper-scissors for him, and the Sim won, so the guy's still alive. Very, very surreal.

None of this, however, beats Aragorn deciding to go home and walking off down the street in his bathing outfit. Which, you might recall, is nothing.

(This is the first picture I took with the correct head-skin, btw, so this is what Aragorn ought to look like.)

If we're mostly here for sharing of Sim pics and stories, should we still put the pics behind cut tags, or is this okay?
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