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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
5:59 pm

Oh, typical.

I find a community and rush on to join it and then realise the latest post is from 2002.

Is this a dead community then? Am I just wasting my time? Or are you all just really shy? *g* There should be seven or eight others of you in there somewhere, I know you're there!

Regards & hoping am not sounding too stalkerish,

(& the Sims of Jack&William Sparrow, Meriadoc Brandybuck&Peregrin Took Of the Shire, Bellatrix&Rabastan&Rodolphus Lestrange, William&Elijah Boyd and Viggo&Sean Mortensen ...*ahem*...)

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Thursday, October 24th, 2002
8:25 am - newbie says hello

Hi, I'm sidewinder, and I'm a new Simsaholic.

It's frightening how the game can take over your life! Anyway, I've been having a grand old time building a slashy neighborhood for all of my favorite fannish and celeb characters. So far I've got Lionel and Lex Luthor set up in the mansion, The Host has a swingin' karaoke bar/nightclub, there's a happy lesbian house with Tara, Willow, and Sara Pezzini, Jackie Chan and Jet Li are roomies at the Kung Fu Academy, and Owen Wilson and Mulder are roommates--don't ask me why, just wanted to see what would happen. Actually they've been the most fun to play with so far: Owen started making moves on Mulder right away but Mulder needed some prodding to get in the mood (much hot tub play and one date downtown). But then they threw a party and Owen and Jackie started hitting it off immediately (of course!) Mulder was very jealous and slapped Jackie around.

Lionel is a nasty bastard (of course) but also apparently a party animal. He stayed in the hot tub at the party until 4am with one of the NPC's from the neighborhood and got pissed at the Host another night when the Host finally kicked him off the dancefloor. He also insulted and slapped Tara around for no good reason. None of the lesbians get along with any of the men, but oddly enough Willow fell for Sara first. Tara is the only character who waters the flowers on her own.

Anyway, evil fun. Will be adding a Zeke Stone soon as I build him a shabby enough little house, then I think I need to make a devil to torture him and keep him from sleeping. Probably will add some more Hong Kong film stars as well.

Eeeeeeeevil game...

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2002
11:46 am - Again with the introductions.

Just wanted to let you all know who I am and what I'm up to before I start posting on the main board. My name's Tobias Charity, and I'm a (female) West Wing, Law & Order (and spinoffs), and LotR fanfiction author. Currently the majority of my Sims are embroiled in soap-opera-like relationships, and ignoring the bounds of fandoms and decency. ;)

In the Law & Order verse: Lot one is Jack, Claire, and Mike, with Mike sometimes shuttling back and forth between Ben Stone's house, and his own. >< Oy vey. Lot two is Munch and Lennie, and they're currently snarking and no longer in love. Talk to Lennie, Munch, there ya go...and Ed Green and Odafin Tutuola are sharing a house with Elliot and Olivia, with Goren sleeping over when he feels like it. It really is a soap opera.

West Wing: Everybody's sleeping with everybody. Least complicated version there is. ;)

LoTR: Sam and Frodo have moved in with Merry and Pippen, and Legolas and Aragorn are hanging out with Arwen and Eowyn. Sheesh.

There are a few more random fandoms (Quantum Leap and MASH, anyone?) but these are the ones I dabble in the most.

Hee. I love playing God.

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Monday, August 26th, 2002
12:27 am - The story so far...

Brief note of explanation first: if you haven't played a lot before, what happens when you open a house is that any friendships/hatreds/loves change according to what's happened in other houses you've played (and saved) since last time, but whoever was there and whatever they were doing is exactly the same. One time, I'd like to get two folks in a clinch, go to the other's house, make 'em hate each other, then return to the clinch. -snicker- Anyway, you get the idea.

Okay, so.Collapse )

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
12:35 am - The saga continues.

Got Sam to visit Rosie tonight. She tried to dip him (either for dancing or a kiss, I'm not sure), and he was Not Pleased; she lost her little heart-symbol for him and about fifteen friendship points. And this is after "Propose" was already on her menu for him! And later on -- and I've never seen this happen before -- she told a joke he didn't like. They both lost friendship points on almost everything they did after that. Sam then got hungry, and Rosie couldn't cook fast enough to keep him from leaving.

Went to play Bag End, got her to visit, they talked a bit more. Now they're friends again, finally. He even has a smiley-symbol for her, which he didn't before. Then Frodo and Sam kissed in the hallway. -sigh- Rosie came running out of the kitchen and slapped Frodo.

Then she left. His scores for her are just as high, but he lost the smiley-symbol, so I guess she's no longer a friend. And I'm not sure if it's connected or not, but Frodo wouldn't "play in bed" that night -- Sam had to start it. (Though at least the interaction afterwards was Sam cheering Frodo up, rather than Frodo booing or slapping him, as in the past!)

I don't know, I swear I've heard from people that Sims can fall in love with more than one person at once, but it certainly doesn't look likely here!

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Wednesday, August 21st, 2002
11:08 pm - Not so sure about this threesome.

Well, I introduced my Bag End boys to Rosie, hoping for a PGY-style threesome. She came over, they talked for a bit, ate a meal, hung out...

Not quite Pretty Good YearCollapse )

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2:07 am - Assorted LotR-friendly files

Orange mentioned how utterly tacky the lovebed is, and I said I'd supply some more tasteful ones I'd downloaded; thought I'd go one better and offer some of the more helpful files I've scrounged up from around the Web. I really hope these work; if anyone has problems with them, please let me know. I've never done this before, and I may not be providing all the files that you need. I'd point you to the sites I got them from if I could remember where, and if there are problems, I'll try to hunt them up again.

Anyhoo, I've put them all in this directory. Everything with a ZIP extension is a Sims file; the rest are just the pics I've posted here. Just unzip them and put the IFF files in the downloads directory of Sims (if that doesn't work, try the gamedata/objects directory, but downloads should do it.

Assuming I've got the right files here, there should be:
  • CaroMR4posterlovebed.zip: A lovebed that's a rose-and-white four poster.
  • KCupOfTea.zip: Acts like the coffee or cappuccino machine in the game, but looks like a tea set.
  • S4FInvisibleSmokeAlarm.zip: Looks like you haven't got an alarm, but still calls the fire dept.
  • S4FLordoftheRings.zip: A wall-hanging I bet not even Orange's finicky gay hobbits will object to. -G-
  • nts_zzz_blkpurpleluvbed_ll.zip: A black lovebed with purple sheets. Modern-looking, but helluva lot better than the game version.
  • nts_zzz_blusilverluvbed_ll.zip: A silver lovebed with blue sheets; ditto.
  • nts_zzz_walnutcandleabra_ll.zip: Candleabra that hangs on the wall; provides light in lieu of lamps.
  • o3firehex.zip: Fire alarm that looks like a wall-hanging. Bit large and tacky, but not modern, and no problems with not knowing where it is or if you've put one in, as with the invisible one.
  • o3runicalarm.zip: A burglar alarm that looks like a stone rune.
  • o3scryingpool.zip: Think Galadriel's Mirror for looks; it acts as a TV.
  • tsg_waterpipe01.zip: Not sure what they cloned this from! Big water pipe; they can "admire" it (sit by it and giggle by themselves) or "discuss" it (sit and giggle in a group).

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a large assortment of flowers, potted plants, vegetables, shrubs, rocks, water plants, etc., I made a wallpaper to look like the inside of Bag End's walls and another wallpaper that looks like grass, and I have a good number of candles, candleabra, tapestries, wooden and stone furniture, etc. If there's something you're looking for for your LotR sims, let me know; I may have seen it around! (I even just found an assortment of waterfall shower, wall, sink, etc. -- Henneth Annun, anyone?)

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Sunday, August 18th, 2002
12:58 pm - S/F Spam! Wheee!

Got some Hobbit Love goin'

Click here for the Gamgee Household...Collapse )

But how do you get them to "play in bed"? I've never had loveydovey sims before (Strider and I were busy making them try to take over the world). Do they just "do it" or do you have to prompt them?

Devious pervy hobbit fancier signing off...for now...

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Saturday, August 17th, 2002
7:35 pm - Hmmm.

The good news: I've created real gay hobbits.

The bad news: The reason I'm sure they're gay is that they hate every furnishing I put in that house. I have no taste. HONESTLY!

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12:07 am - Last spam for the day, I promise.

But Aragorn and Boromir were being cute again, this time with the right skins.Collapse )

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Friday, August 16th, 2002
5:30 pm - Are we on?

Okay, so these aren't terribly slashy, but they do show Kurt's swim mesh in action, and the cross-fandom weirdness was just too cute.

Behind a cut now, just for Orange!Collapse )

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2:46 pm - Welcome

So, here we are! I'm just posting to get us started. Let see some SimSlash!!

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