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S/F Spam! Wheee!

Got some Hobbit Love goin'

The boys have a nice proper hug...

And a first kiss...

And it wasn't long after that when Sam asked Frodo to move in, and Frodo blushed and accepted

Soon Merry came over for a visit, and our boys were sneaking snuggles in the kitchen...

This isn't slashy, I just like the dead serious way Merry watches Frodo get FUNKY. Can't help but wonder if Dom has a similar look on his face watching Lija get down...*ducks and giggles*

Of course, after hours in the hot tub, Sam could not help but ogle Frodo's bum. Maybe it's the flourescent pink speedo?

Lots of really good kissing, complete with little muffled noises and lots of snuggling/groping (I saw hands go below cloaks, you can't fool a slashgirl...

But how do you get them to "play in bed"? I've never had loveydovey sims before (Strider and I were busy making them try to take over the world). Do they just "do it" or do you have to prompt them?

Devious pervy hobbit fancier signing off...for now...
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